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What is children’s coverage?

We understand that you would want the highest quality protection for your family. With Cover Direct, you can get another layer of protection to your life insurance policy. This will allow you to insure your child's life when securing your family life insurance policy. It can be hard to contemplate something happening to your child. For an extra premium, you can have peace of mind that if tragedy was to strike there is financial support there.

A benefit amount of $30,000 is available to cover your child up to the age of 21. Your child will be eligible to apply up to the age of 17. It will pay out a tax-free lump sum amount if the insured child suffers one of the specified illnesses or injuries.

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Children’s coverage FAQs

Children’s coverage is optional coverage that can be added when applying for Cover Direct Family Life Insurance. It offers coverage for your child if they were to suffer from a specified serious illness or injury. Adding this extra to your policy, will increase the cost of your monthly premiums.

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Does your child need Children’s Coverage?

Children’s coverage for a child can seem like an unnecessary cost but unfortunately you never know what might be around the corner. It can be difficult to contemplate but if your child was to suffer from a debilitating disease or get into an accident, it could have a big emotional and financial impact on your family.  

By securing children’s coverage for your child, you can have peace of mind that if something was to happen you are prepared. There is financial support there for when you might need to take some time away from work. During a devastating time when your child is suffering you and your family can be there without having to worry about finances.

What’s covered? 

Any child who is financially dependent on the Cover Direct Family Life Insurance policyholder can be insured under children’s coverage up the age of 21. This additional amount will be paid out if your child passes away due to an accident1, or suffers from any of the following illnesses or injuries: 

  • Bacterial meningitis resulting in permanent conditions 
  • Blindness – permanent and irreversible 
  • Deafness – permanent and irreversible 
  • Encephalitis resulting in permanent conditions 
  • Loss of hands or feet due to permanent physical severance 
  • Paralysis – total and irreversible 
  • Traumatic head injury resulting in permanent symptoms 



Based on ratings on multiple reviews platforms compared to direct competitors since 2022. See for more details.


Where the child’s death occurs within 90 days of the accident as per definitions provided and in accordance with policy terms and conditions.